Focus on the Stonishing Beauty of Wildlife Photographs

These are among 80 images chosen for an exhibition staged by naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham. He made his selection from hundreds of entries submitted over nearly two decades to the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition.

A former judge of the contest, he says: “When I narrowed down my favourite 80 pictures I made sure it included a broad spectrum. “There is no such thing as the perfect photo, but these shots all possess immediate impact. “That’s what any wildlife photographer should strive for.”

Meerkat Moment (main image)

To get all three creatures in focus – meerkats and wasp – is great work.
It makes a great picture, the inquisitive meerkats following the wasp as it buzzes over their heads. Most of us find meerkats cute but this is also a feat of photography.

Rival Kings

This is the pub scene of the wildlife world – a male penguin is stopping another male cracking on to his girlfriend. The extended flipper makes this photo special – without it, it would just be three penguins looking at each other.

Boxing HaresThis is the sports photography of the animal kingdom. It’s very well shot, capturing a female fighting off a male’s advances – which is rare to see in the animal world, and even rarer to photograph.

Bronze Whalers Charging Baitball

The sharks here are literally herding sardines together and filling their mouths, while the fish are trying to confuse their predators.
Brutal and simple, a lovely shot.

Orang-utan and baby

A mother nurturing a baby is something humans are drawn to, especially the way the mother is anonymous but we can see her baby’s beautiful eyes.
It also has a conservation message – this species is highly endangered.

Flight of the mouse-eared batThis displays the anatomy of the bat perfectly – it could have come out of a school text book. It’s amazing to see a bat like this in flight, with its mouth open as if it’s screaming at the photographer.

Polar Bears ScavengingThis shot made me think “I wish I was there” more than any other.
It’s incredibly rare to see that many bears together. The perfection of the scene makes it look like it’s a painting.

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