Supermoon atau lunar perigee adalah fenomena yang terjadi saat Bulan berada pada jarak terdekatnya dengan Bumi. Jarak rata-rata Bulan dengan Bumi adalah 384 ribu km. Nah, pada saat supermoon terjadi, jarak Bulan dengan Bumi sekitar 357 ribu km. Sehingga pada saat fenomena terjadi, jarak bulan lebih dekat 27 ribu km dari jarak rata-ratanya.

Supermoon sendiri bukanlah istilah dalam astronomi, melainkan dalam astrologi. Kalangan astrolog biasanya mengidentikkan supermoon dengan kekuatan jahat atau bencana. Seorang astrolog bernama Richard Nolle, misalnya, memperkirakan bahwa supermoon kali ini akan menimbulkan bencana gunung berapi dan badai.

Fenomena ini terjadi karena orbit Bulan bukanlah lingkaran sempurna. Pada 28 November mendatang akan terjadi fenomena yang berkebalikan dengan supermoon. Di akhir tahun nanti, saat Bulan purnama, Bulan sedang berada di titik terjauh dari Bumi. Sehingga Bulan akan tampak kecil dan redup.

(Washington DC: Glowing over the U.S. Capitol Building in the American capital)

(Southern Hemisphere: The supermoon seen from Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand)

(Glowing guide: A runner makes his way along a trail in front of the once-a-year ‘super Moon’ at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizon)

(Northern Florida: The moon peaks out behind Century Tower at the University of Florida in Gainesvill)

(The ‘supermoon’ is seen behind the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeir)

(Ornate: The full moon rises behind a steeple with crosses of an Orthodox church in the town of Novogrudok, Belarus)

(Beacon: Fishermen near Bal Harbour in Florida rest on a jetty as the moon rises in the Atlantic Ocean)

(Wafting: Seen massively larger than a landing plane at the Los Angeles International Airport in Inglewood, California, the moon balances itself among the palm trees)

(Chopper: In another part of Los Angeles, an LAPD chopper flies in the moon’s foreground)

(Spotlight: The ‘supermoon’ shines its light on the temporarily closed Hotel Pere Marquette in Peoria, III)

(Rosy: In another perfectly timed shot, a rose bush in Los Angeles,California played in the moon’s light, along with a small bug resting on a bud)

(Blue pallet: Rising over the Angel’s Gate lighthouse in San Pedro, Calif, the moon appears to melt into the light blue sky and water)

(Dominating: North in San Francisco, the moon challenges Coit Tower)

(Power: In Palm Springs, California, the moon rose above ordinarily massive wind turbines)

(Ontario moon: The ‘super Moon’ is seen rising over the skyline in Toronto, offering a without a doubt unparalleled sight to those in the city’s tall CN tower (left))

(Brighter: The full moon rises like the Sun from the top of Haramoun mountain, as seen from Marjayoun village in south Lebanon earlier)

(Replica: The full moon provides a stunning backdrop for Kosovo’s answer to New York’s Statue of Liberty on top a hotel in the capital Pristina this evening)

(View from the gods: The supermoon rises earlier today above the Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion, south east of Athens, Greece, while tourists watch on)

(Holy night: The brighter than normal moon was clear for all to see in Amman as a flock of birds flew over a mosque)

(Clear as day: Even before night fell over Dresden, eastern Germany, the moon was looking incredible behind the Church of Our Lady)

(Almost full: The moon is obscured by the cross of Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in Dresden, Germany, this evening)

(Supermoon: The full moon appears pink as it appears behind statues of angels at St. Isaak’s Cathedral in St.Petersburg, Russia, this evening)

(Hiding: Seen from Cartagena, Colombia, it can hardly be concealed behind the heavy clouds)

(Positioning: Other locations in Cartagena, shown, had a more clear view of its enormous sight)

(Bigger and brighter: The silhouette of a kite makes its way across the moon as it flies past a mosque in Amman tonight)

(Celestial neighbour: The supermoon in fill view in the sky above South Africa’s largest city Johannesburg)

(Full moon rising: The supermoon filled the sky over Jakarta in Indonesia, but skywatchers in the UK will have the best view at 4.30am tomorrow)

(Night sky: The perigee full moon peaks through the clouds above Huntsville, US, shining 30 per cent brighter than normal)

(Don’t panic: Fears of a spike in crime or an increase in crazy behaviour have been dismissed as pure folklore)


Sumber: Daily, 6 Mei 2012


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